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Wasteland Survival Guide

This volume of the Wasteland Survival Guide includes all the information you need to know about the world around you. It includes races, known professions, universal rules and more! A must read for all your survival needs!
Keep up to date on current happenings of the commonwealth! This volume will inform you about everything currently happening around you. It includes global warnings, places to currently avoid and events held in communities near you.
A volume dedicated to your feedback! Let us know the good and bad! Remember, If you have a question, likely others do too. Never be too shy to say what's on your mind!

Wasteland Personnel Terminal

All personnel must complete the required forms to be recognized as a citizen of the wastelands. Failure to do so can and may lead to your nonexistence.
Records of all known exciting personnel of the Wastelands, categorized by races.
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The Wastelands (IC)

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Originally the ground zero of a nuclear detonation during the Great War. Even though 400 years has passed since the bombs were dropped, the glowing sea is still a highly radiated waste land. It is also well known for the main source of the Radiation storms. It's a dangerous place even for non humans.
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Astoundingly Awesome Tales (OOC)

Out of character spot to play games, discuss life and welcome new members!
A place to set up shops, test coding, make requests or simply show off your talents. Please be advised that only Bottle Caps can be traded for your services.
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All Advertisements and affiliates should be placed here. Please insure you follow the rules. Thank you!

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